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let’s get this party slanted (spannered.org)

I did a mix for spannered.org. It’s sort of ambient-ish in a downlifting, throw-ya-hands-in-the-meatgrinder kind of way. Tracklist: Lustmord – ‘Primordial Atom’ (Soleilmoon) Simon Fisher Turner – ‘Hymn For Thatcher’ (Mute) Brunnen – ‘Tippoo’s Tiger’ (Beta-lactam Ring) Chris Carter –

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an old set recorded in Brno, 2004

A recording of my set at the Foundation party in Brno, Czech Republic in 2004. In two hectic, messy, high tempo sections. I think a few minutes must have been cut off in the middle as it jumps about 20bpm

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my Plex set

I’ve uploaded what I think is a fairly accurate representation of my set at Plex on Friday. It’s missing all the skips and jumps that happened every time someone put their feet on the steps by the side of the

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Unity Gain Temple – Summer Syncretasm!

You need to listen to this oddcast by Unity Gain Temple. You need to listen to it many times.

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Electrodrama set (Riga, 12/2008)

The guys in Riga managed to rescue the recording of the Electrodrama night. Here’s my set for download: Tracklist: Up Above The World – ‘Trying To Reach You’ (Exist Dance) Age – ‘Age’ (Force Inc.) Planetary Assault Systems – ‘Forms’

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new mix – Strings Of Lice

Guitar strings, to be precise. A “mix” (the term is used loosely) I did the other night, full of music made with guitars. Death metal, grindcore, neofolk, noise, drone, post-rock, black metal, and other bits. Stuff that really influenced me

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new mix – Bleep Free

A mix I did for the the Bleep43 podcast a few weeks ago, ahead of the Bleep party I played at (which I completely forgot to mention here!). Tracklist: As One – ‘We No Longer Understand’ (New Electronica) Robert Hood

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vanity fare (ARCart retrospective)

This is a mix that happened spontaneously in March or April 2008. I pulled out all my old releases and this was the result. It was a weird experience – I’d not played many of these for years and even

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a tick in the box

Tracklist: Shitcluster – ‘Just Dust’ (Hunger To Create) Raudive – untitled (We Are) Cristian Vogel – ‘Rogue PROTOCHI’ (Tresor) The Mole – ‘I Hear The Tiddings Of The Geese’ (Mutek) Tommy Gillard – ‘Spell’ (Figment) Mist – untitled (Cosmic) The

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exotic, erotic and psychotic

Part 1 Tracklist: Beautyon – ‘To Swil Ping’ (Irdial) Coil – ‘Her Friends The Wolves..…’ (Threshold House) irr. app. (ext.) – ‘Lint Stutter Resolution Follows Tardigrade, Forget Me’ (BLRr) Startled Insects – ‘Igor’s Horn’ (Antilles) Desmond Leslie – ‘Destruction Of

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