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The DESCENT project was conceived by me in 1997 as an outlet for the group of Ealing based producers to release music that did not fit into the dancefloor mould of the labels they had in existence at the time. …

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Moving (not very) swiftly on… “Bliss Within Agony” was the fourth release on ARC, coming out in July 2001. The title refers to the concept of deriving pleasure from pain. I should point out that I have an extremely low …

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Before I get into this post, I’d like to apologise again to anyone who may have been waiting for these files to be posted. I hope to pick the series up again and get it finished as soon as possible. …

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ARCN03 was released in about October 2000. Titled “Body Conscious”, it is one of the releases from my back catalogue that I’m most fond of. It follows on neatly from ARCN02, “Storyteller”, and may be the best example of the …

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To start this post: apologies to anyone who happens to have been waiting for this series of digital releases to continue. I had intended for these to come out weekly. If I had managed that, they would all have been …

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In 2001 the Exist label came into existence courtesy of

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ARC02, titled “This Weak Flesh”, was released around August 2000. The fourth ARCart release and the second on the ARC label, it has a bit more of a straight ahead techno feel to it. It’s not my favourite release, although …

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The third ARCart release was also the second ARC(ANE) release. It came out in June 2000 with the catalogue number ARCN02, and is titled “Storyteller”. I think it was the first release I put out through Prime Distribution on a …

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The first release on ARC’s sister label ARC(ANE) came out in February 2000, was titled “Elegant Manoeuvres” and had the catalogue number ARCN01. All the tracks were at least 2 years old when released. It was distributed by Prime Distribution …

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This is the first of a series of posts offering free digital versions of old ARCart releases, previously only available on vinyl, and in which I will waffle on a bit about the original releases. “Joyrage”, the first ARCart release …

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