2007 downloads mixes

exotic, erotic and psychotic

Part 1


Beautyon – ‘To Swil Ping’ (Irdial)
Coil – ‘Her Friends The Wolves..…’ (Threshold House)
irr. app. (ext.) – ‘Lint Stutter Resolution Follows Tardigrade, Forget Me’ (BLRr)
Startled Insects – ‘Igor’s Horn’ (Antilles)
Desmond Leslie – ‘Destruction Of The Flies’ (Trunk)
Black Sabbath – ‘Planet Caravan’ (Warner Bros.)
Tarentel – ‘Somebody Fucks With Everybody’ (Music Fellowship)
Sound – ‘Cock-Eyed Hydra’ (BLRr)
This Mortal Coil – ‘Andialu’ (4AD)
Cristian Vogel – ‘Delicado’ (Station 55)
Poborsk – ‘Metallic Curve’ (Tsuku Boshi)
Noise-Maker’s Fifes – ‘Mûzoôk part 1’ (BLRr)
v/a – ‘Ogou (Mahi)’ (Soul Jazz)
Bloody Panda – ‘Fever’ (Holy Roar)
Volcano The Bear – ‘Classic Erasmus Fusion’ (BLRr)

Download exotic, erotic and psychotic part 1 (mp3, 157Mb)

Part 2


Kong – ‘Quiet!’ (Dreamtime)
La STPO – ‘Cet À-Mort Vibre L’Air’ (BLRr)
Tortoise – ‘Ten-Day Interval (Adverse Camber)’ (Thrill Jockey)
Linda Perhacs – ‘Parallelograms’ (Jnana)
Apparat – ‘Wooden (Anders Ilar Remix)’ (Shitkatapult)
Whitehouse – ‘Public’ (Very Friendly)
Basil Kirchin – ‘Tzuris Oy Vey’ (Trunk)
Cristian Vogel – ‘Neon Underground’ (NovaMute)
Current 93 – ‘The Death Of The Corn (A True Love Knot For Ajn)’ (Yangki)
Legowelt – ‘Von Paulus Symphonie In D Mineur’ (Bunker)
Burbuja – ‘Shhhh.…’ (Station 55)
The Eidetic Band – ‘Murmurandum’ (Bo’Weavil)
AOKI Takamasa – ‘NoHope’ (Progressive Form)
Monoblock-B + Nora Düster – ‘Petrushka (Plastique De Rêve Rmx)’ (Spezialmaterial)

Download exotic, erotic and psychotic part 2(mp3, 125Mb)

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