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Strings Of Lice

Guitar strings, to be precise. A “mix” (the term is used loosely) I did the other night, full of music made with guitars. Death metal, grindcore, neofolk, noise, drone, post-rock, black metal, and other bits. Stuff that really influenced me at the end of the 80s/start of the 90s, and more recent stuff too.


Twilight – ‘Larval Liaise’ (Southern Lord)
Carcass – ‘Swarming Vulgar Mass Of Infected Virulency’ (Earache)
Tetuzi Akiyama – ‘Pre-Existence’ (Bo’Weavil)
Kiruna – ‘Raldo`s Autostrada’ (Plastic Strip)
Josephine Foster – ‘Nähe Des Geliebten’ (Locust)
Obituary – ‘Body Bag’ (Roadracer)
God – ‘Crash Victim’ (Situation Two)
Earth – ‘Coda Maestoso In F (Flat) Minor’ (Southern Lord)
Napalm Death – ‘Evolved As One’ (Earache)
Head Of David – ‘108’ (Blast First)
Earthmonkey – ‘Hydraulic Bugger’ (Beta-lactam Ring)
Godflesh – ‘Mighty Trust Krusher’ (Earache)
Prophecy Of Doom – ‘Prophetic Believers Prepare’ (Deaf)
Death In June – ‘Good Mourning Sun’ (New European Recordings)
Entombed – ‘Left Hand Path / Drowned’ (Earache)
Butthole Surfers – ‘Graveyard’ (Blast First)
Bruce Russell – ‘Nigerian Delta Oil Well Blues’ (Rococo)
James Blackshaw – ‘Stained Glass Window’ (Tompkins Square)

Download Strings Of Lice (mp3, 183Mb)

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