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an old set recorded in Brno, 2004

A recording of my set at the Foundation party in Brno, Czech Republic in 2004. In two hectic, messy, high tempo sections. I think a few minutes must have been cut off in the middle as it jumps about 20bpm between the end of the first and the start of the second. Sound quality isn’t brilliant as the decks were feeding back a bit in places. Also the ending is cut off somewhat abruptly.

Here’s the tracklist:

Part 1

Susumu Yokota – ‘Fairy Link’ (Leaf)
Lift Syndrome – ’13’ (Rodz-Konez)
The Advent – ‘The Living’ (Internal)
Caustic Window – ‘Astroblaster’ (Rephlex)
Cybordelics – ‘Adventures Of Dama’ (Harthouse)
Universal Indicator – ‘Green’ (Rephlex)
Like A Tim – ‘Space Punk’ (DJAX)
Universal Indicator – ‘Green’ (Rephlex)
Mescalinum United – ‘We Have Arrived (Aphex Twin TTQ Mix)’ (R&S)
Like A Tim – ‘Dangle’ (DJAX)
Unknown Structure – ‘Repitcher’ (Sapho)
DJ Rush – ‘Smooth Ride’ (Trax)
Drexciya – ‘Digital Tsunami’ (Tresor)
Fast – ‘Exit Wound’ (Reverb)
Autechre – ‘Djarum’ (Warp)
Nick Rapaccioli – ‘Skima’ (Vertical Form)
Drexciya – ‘Aqua Jujidsu’ (Submerge)
Storm – ‘Carbon Fury’ (DJAX)
Richard Bartz – ‘Mad Butcher’ (Disko B)
Gas – ‘Pop’ (Mille Plateaux)
D’Arcangelo – ‘Diagram VII (80’s Mix)’ (Rephlex)

Part 2

The Vision – ‘K-Force’ (Tresor)
Clementine – ‘Breaking Point’ (DJAX)
Bola – ‘Horizophon’ (Skam)
Ed Rush – ‘The Raven’ (FFRR)
The Black Dog – ‘Chesh’ (Warp)
Monolake – ‘Frost’ (Monolake / Imbalance Computer Music)
Ceephax Acid Crew – ‘Seasick Acid’ (Breakin’)
Audiosex – ‘untitled’ (Aural Audio)
Vinyl Countdown – ‘Erasure’ (Edge)
C-Tank – ‘Hardtrance Over Flow’ (Overdrive)
Like A Tim – ‘Wildstyle’ (DJAX)
Andre Holland – ‘Unabomber’ (UR)
Gas – ‘Pop’ (Mille Plateaux)
Caustic Window – ‘The Garden Of Linmiri’ (Rephlex)
The Subjects v. Jeff Mills – ‘Beyond…’ (ULR One)
Caustic Window – ‘Joyrex J4’ (Rephlex)
DJ Funk – ‘Booty Perk U Later’ (Projex)
Bitstream – ‘Speed Of Light’ (Pylon)

Download a zip file containing both parts of the Brno set as mp3 files

2004 downloads mixes

DJ set at Polarise

Recorded at Polarise, Belgium 19.11.2004


Insync vs Mysteron – “Android Architect” (10th Planet)
Rhythim Is Rhythim – “The Beginning” (Kool Kat)
DJ 3000 – “Drume” (Motech)
Arne Weinberg – “Black Flower” (Keynote)
Exquisite Corpse – “Reassembling Reality” (KK)
Alden Tyrell – “Obsession (More Obsession remix)” (Clone)
Paul Johnson – “Aww Shit” (Relief)
Robert Hood – “I” (M-Plant)
Der Zyklus – “Eigenface (Facial Asymetry)” (Djak-Up-Bitch)
Storm – “Levy-9” – (Djax-Up-Beats)
Mike Parker – “Caesura” mix 1 (Geophone)
Plastikman – “Closer” (NovaMute)
Sutekh – “Wings Over Kansas” (Orthlorng Musork)
Ongaku – “Mihon 3” (Rising High)
Blackmass Plastics – “Datafile 01” (Thorn Industries Records)
Inigo Kennedy – “Jednu Dvanáctku” (Asymmetric)
Cane – “Teknotest” (Arcola)
Random XS – “Aftermath V1.2” (Djax-Up-Beats)
Dr. Fernando – “1-3h(n)” (Music Man)
Cristian Vogel – “Hearing Things Before They Happen (IQ2)” (Magnetic North)
Apparat – “Slomotone” (Bpitch Control)
Oliver Ho – “Chapter 1” (Meta)
Lory D – “Road Hog” (Rephlex)
DJ Judge Dred – “Diatomyc 01” (Diatomyc)
Regis – “Model Friendship” (Downwards)
Björk – [Medúlla] (One Little Indian)
Cristian Vogel – “Tales From The Heart” (Force Inc.)
Dr. Fernando – “Ppsycho” (Diatomyc)
Universal Indicator – “Red” (Rephlex)
Autechre – “Garbage” (Warp)
Joey Beltram – “Drome” (Warp)
Troubleshooter – [EP1] (Modern Love)
Luke Slater – “Mauve Violin” (Peacefrog)
Coil – “The Dreamer Is Still Asleep” (Chalice)

Download the mix (mp3, 138Mb)

2004 downloads mixes


A mix composed entirely of tracks on the Realtime label, by Stephen Brown.

Download the Realtime mix (mp3, 132Mb)

2004 downloads mixes



Amen Andrews – “1000001 Style” (Rephlex)
Aux88 – “Computer Speaks” mix 2 (Direct Beat)
DJ Food – “Scratch Yer Hed” Squarepusher mix (Ninja Tune)
Non Stop DJs – “Furious” Raw Fury Dub (Non Stop Productions)
Double Horizontal – “Crevist Park After Dark” (Holding Company, Inc.)
Actress – “Mentor” (Werk Discs)
Non Stop DJs – “Gator” (Non Stop Productions)

Download the curt mix (mp3, 26.6Mb)

2004 downloads mixes

meandering through recent acquisitions


Cathode – ‘Be Red Or Yellow’ (Expanding)
The Bug – ‘Vertigo’ (FatCat)
Robert Hood – ‘Silent Hill’ (M-Plant)
Portable – ‘No.1’ – (Background)
Scape One – ‘Miasmata’ (SCSI-AV)
Scanone – ‘Tik Tok’ (Blasé)
Squarepusher – ‘The Body Builder’ Dressing Gown mix (Warp)
Jeff Mills – ‘Expanded’ (Axis)
Akufen – ‘Synthaxis 2’ (Source)
µ-Ziq – ‘Phi*1700 (U/V)’ (R&S)
Anders Ilar – ‘Replik’ (Shitkatapult)
Dwarf – ‘Percussion Electrique’ (Accelerate)
Tiefschwarz – ‘Nix’ Luke Solomon’s Reedd mix (Classic)
Wavescape – ‘Track One’ (4th Wave)
Artwork – ‘Round Sound’ (Big Apple)
Makaton – ‘YESman’ (Rodz-Konez)
Continuous Mode – ‘Direct Out Mode 2’ (Chain Reaction)
Robert Hood – ‘Satellite’ (Hardwax)
Submission – ‘Women Beat Their Men’ Cevin’s Peak Hour Dub (Velocity)
Comtron – ‘What We Sell’ (Black Label)
Stefan Robbers – ‘Compound 2’ (Ifach)
Freon – ‘Lektroshock’ (Scandinavia)
DJ Hell – ‘My Definition Of House Music’ (R&S)
Kenny Larkin – ‘Ancient Beats’ (Peacefrog)
Planetary Assault Systems – ‘I Am The Funkster’ (Peacefrog)
The Advent – ‘Mind And Spirit’ (Electrix)
Triple R – ‘Sulipil’ (Disko B)

Download the mix (mp3, 132Mb)

2004 downloads mixes

truly madly


Dirty Fan Mail – “By A Thursday” (Trunk)
Marc Et CLaude – “Sex Est Iln Classique” (Sapho)
Like A Tim – “Bald Diving Goggles” (Djax-Up-Beats)
Autechre – “Second Bad Vilbel” (Warp)
DJ Rush – “The Attack” (Trax)
Influx – “Capital Punishment” (Sapho)
Aphex Twin – “Tamphex” (R&S)
Robert Hood – Spirit Levels” (Tresor)
Freddie Fresh – “Slapped By Timmy’s Sounds” (Drop Bass Network)
Boards Of Canada – “Zoetrope” (Warp)
UR – “Nannytown” (Underground Resistance)
Unit Moebius – “?” (KK)
Monotraxx – “Soma” (Sapho)
Aphex Twin – “73-yips” (Warp)
Anthony Manning – “Chromium Nebulae” (Irdial)
X-103 – “Curse Of The Gods” (Axis)
Neil Landstrumm – “Squeeze” (Peacefrog)
Planetary Assault Systems – “Starway Ritual” (Peacefrog)
Bola – “O Chuma” (Skam)
Benga – “Skank” (Big Apple)
Trance Uber Alles – “Ich Schalte (Gaga mix)” (H.O.S.)
Andre Holland – “Unabomber” (Underground Resistance)
Dizzee Rascal – “I Luv U” (XL)
Jake Slazenger – “Marks Made In China” (Warp)
Max Duley – “Dulled” (High Octane)
Anthony Manning – “Chromium Nebulae” (Irdial)
Ventriloquist Snakes – “The Most Sadistic” (Planet Mu)
Dirty Fan Mail – “Dirty Letter In Sex” (Trunk)

Mix interspersed and layered throughout with: Anthony Manning – “Chromium Nebulae” (Irdial)

Download the truly madly mix (mp3, 123Mb)

2004 downloads mixes

deep cold

Part I


Germ – “Con” (GPR)
Steve Bicknell – “Track 15” (Cosmic Clubtracks)
Autechre – “Draun Quarter” (Warp)
2 Bad Mice – “Ware Mouse” (Moving Shadow)
E-Dancer – “The Human Bond” (KMS)
Daniel Bell – “Superminimal” (Logistic)
Der Zyklus – “Mxyzptlk” (Gigolo)
Like A Tim – “Bells” (DJAX-UP-BEATS)
The Bug – “Gun Disease” (Gun Version) (Rephlex)
Pendle Coven – “Nick’o’Pendle” (Modern Love)
Bitstream – “Floating Point” (Signal)
Twerk – “From Green To Brown” (Mille Plateaux)
RJ Valeo – “Saturday Afternoon” (Type)
Indopepsychics – “5_24” (Progressive Form)
Motor – “4,5” (
Anders Ilar – “Mother” (
Hallucinator – “Black Angel” (Chain Reaction)
Melchior Productions – “Feel Sensual” (Bahia mix) (Perlon)
Mathias Schaffhäuser – “Loom Service Re.” (Geoff White remix) (Edit)
The Other People Place – “Eye Contact” (Warp)
Sequential – “The Mission” (Rising High)
DJ D-Man – “Bang It” (Dance Mania)

Download deep cold part I (mp3, 111Mb)

Part II


Nev – “Ilone Vune Cortex Nex” (GPR)
Gene Farris – “E-World” (Relief Records)
Monolake – “Atomium” (Monolake/Imbalance)
Arovane – “Außen Vor (AMX)” (DIN)
Love Inc. – “Hot Love” (Gas mix) (Force Inc.)
Claro Intelecto – “Contact” (Ai)
Air Liquide – “Sonority Canon” (Sm:)e)
Mike Parker – “Caesura” mix 1 (Geophone)
Nick Wilson – “Ligea” (A3) (Inceptive)
Lat Rat XL – “Lab Rat 5” (Clone)
Basic Bastard – “Space Rider” (Ignitor)
Baby Ford – “Normal” (Helston Flora mix by AFX) (Rephlex)
Denis Rusnak – “Past Four” (Arcola)
Safety Scissors – Delay 05 A (Sutekh mix) (Delay)
Insync vs. Mysteron – “Exit 9” (Peacefrog)
Fumiya Tanaka – “Faze”
Motor – “8” (

Download deep cold part II (mp3, 96.1Mb)