2009 downloads mixes

my Plex set

I’ve uploaded what I think is a fairly accurate representation of my set at Plex on Friday.

It’s missing all the skips and jumps that happened every time someone put their feet on the steps by the side of the booth, and is probably mixed better. Not sure if it’s 100% accurate in terms of sequencing but I think it has all the same tracks and is definitely pretty close.

It was a great night and I really enjoyed playing despite the minor technical difficulties.

Here’s the tracklist:

Techno Animal – ‘Bio-Morphium’ (Force Inc. Music Works)
The Omni Incentive – ‘The Omni Incentive – B3’ (Crème Organization)
Mantra – ‘The Second Age – A2’ (Bunker)
The Sun God – ‘Above The Clouds’ (Klang Elektronik)
The Chicago Shags – ‘Poke Inferno’ (Bunker)
The Sun God – ‘Return 2 Saturn’ (Klang Elektronik)
Lloyd Owes Me A Packet – ‘Keep It Up’ (Jelly Jam)
Newworldaquarium – ‘The Games That We Play’ (New Religion)
Pamétex – ‘Bunker 3024 – A’ (Bunker)
DJ ESP – ‘Acid Juice’ (Generator)
S-Max – ‘Mental Purity Equals Love’ (Telegraph)
The Chicago Shags – ‘Streetgang’ (Bunker)
Mantra – ‘The Second Age – B1’ (Bunker)
Frequency – ‘We’re Rolling This Way’ (Lower East Side)
ESP – ‘Idiom’ (Synewave)
Jack Master – ‘Bang The Box’ (Jack)
Fym – ‘Grace (Full Parrot Stylee)’ (Boogizm)
Tobias Schmidt – ‘Drugly Drunk’ (Uglyfunk)
DJ Power Out – ‘Hangover’ (Geometric)
Schizophrenia – ‘My Splendid Idea (With Rude Yoghurt Flange)’ (Mighty Force)
Like A Tim – ‘Troost – A2’ (Like)
Lloyd Owes Me A Packet – ‘The Pounder’ (Jelly Jam)
Mark Broom – ‘Pyrion’ (Pure Plastic)
Legowelt – ‘Slowjam Deeptechno’ (Crème Organization)
Gizz T.V. – ‘Shakar – A1’ (Temple Records N.Y.C.)
Like A Tim – ‘O.K’ (Djax-Up-Beats)
Fumiya Tanaka – ‘Drive # 6 (Edit 2)’ (Tresor)
Black Widow – ‘The Stalk’ (Death)
Cosmic Journey Project – ‘OK’ (no label)
Kre – ‘Friends – B1’ (Numb)
Nukubus – ‘Who Made You’ (Bunker)
Nimoy – ‘Smoking’ (Bunker)
Naughty & Tolis – ‘Lost Point’ (Ferox)
RAC – ‘Hub’ (Warp)
Alden Tyrell – ‘Obsession (More Obsession remix)’ (Clone)

Download the Plex set (mp3, 271Mb)