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Electrodrama set (Riga, 12/2008)

The guys in Riga managed to rescue the recording of the Electrodrama night. Here’s my set for download:


Up Above The World – ‘Trying To Reach You’ (Exist Dance)
Age – ‘Age’ (Force Inc.)
Planetary Assault Systems – ‘Forms’ (Peacefrog)
Robert Hood – ‘Radius’ (M-Plant)
Terrace – ‘Shaking Bassline’ (Djax-Up-Beats)
Nukubus – ‘Roller’ (Bunker)
Luke Slater – ‘Expectation No 3.’ (Peacefrog)
Liquid Sun – ‘Tone Float’ (Bizarre)
Omar-S – ‘Nikademas’ (FXHE)
Terrace – ‘Bassi[n]c’ (Djax-Up-Beats)
Luke Eargoggle – ‘If I Were A King’ (Bunker)
Der Zyklus – ‘Roche Limit (v2)’ (Frustrated Funk)
Susumu Yokota – ‘Amai Niyoi’ (Leaf)
Dez Williams – ‘Patience Of A Saint’ (Blasé)
Legowelt – ‘Pandamonium’ (Crème Organization)
Continuous Mode – ‘Direct Drive (Mode 2)’ (Chain Reaction)
E.R.P. – ‘Vox Automaton’ (Frustrated Funk)
Kenny Larkin – ‘Catatonic (Third State) Carl Craig mix’ (R&S)
Sluts’n’Strings & 909 – ‘Past The Gates’ (Cheap)
Max Duley – ‘Numb’ (ARC(ANE))
Robert Hood – ‘Motion Detector’ (M-Plant)
Peter Benisch – ‘Sabines Song’ (Eevo Lute)
Plastikman – ‘Krakpot’ (NovaMute)
Michaelangelo – ‘Transmission696’ (Labrynth)
Ultradyne – ‘Agony – Be Still’ (Pi Gao Movement)
Oasis – ‘Oasis #7’ (FXHE)
Robert Hood – ‘Externus Oblique’ (M-Plant)
Percy X – ‘Break It Down (Original Master)’ (Soma)
Jürgen Paape – ‘Autechre (TR7AEremix) vs. Jürgen Paape’ (Sub Rosa)
Mike Parker – ‘Inversion 6 (Donato Dozzy Remix)’ (Geophone)
Tommy Gillard – ‘Patterns’ (Continual)
Popol Vuh – ‘Aguirre I (Haswell & Hecker Remix)’ (Editions Mego)
Anakrid – ‘Memories Of Submersion’ (Stereonucleosis)
Composite Profuse – ‘Kommando Amphora’ (Bunker)
Alden Tyrell – ‘Obsession (More Obsession Remix)’ (Clone)
Robert Hood – ‘Sterno-Mastoid’ (M-Plant)
Alex Norinh – ‘Reign Of Control’ (Bunker)
Like A Tim – ‘Freeloaders’ (Like)
Exquisite Corpse – ‘Traditional Ties With Dreaming’ (KK)
Sluts’n’Strings & 909 – ‘Puta’ (Cheap)

Download Electrodrama (mp3, 271Mb)

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