2010 downloads mixes

let’s get this party slanted (

I did a mix for It’s sort of ambient-ish in a downlifting, throw-ya-hands-in-the-meatgrinder kind of way.


Lustmord – ‘Primordial Atom’ (Soleilmoon)
Simon Fisher Turner – ‘Hymn For Thatcher’ (Mute)
Brunnen – ‘Tippoo’s Tiger’ (Beta-lactam Ring)
Chris Carter – ‘Chakutut’ (Conspiracy International)
Autechre – ‘Paralel Suns’ (Warp)
Column One – ‘Re-Worked Transmission’ (Stateart)
Black Sun Productions – ‘The Skunk’ (Old Europa Café)
Max Waters – ‘Stars And Scribble’ (Blasé)
Andrew Liles – ‘Auto Manipulator – 4th Degree (A Lesson To Be Learnt)’ (Lumberton Trading Company)
Black Dice – ‘Endless Happiness’ (DFA)
The Jackofficers – ‘An Hawaiian Christmas Song’ (Naked Brain)
Aerial Service Area – ‘ETI Encoding’ (Fax +49-69/450464)
Pemalas – ‘Tones’ (Experimental Seafood)
The Silverman – ‘Nature Of Illusion’ (Beta-lactam Ring)
Danny Kreutzfeldt – ‘Chasm’ (Databloem)
Satori – ‘Paralysis’ (Dogma Chase)
Sun Electric – ‘Newambi’ (R&S)
James Plotkin, Mick Harris – ‘Collapse’ (Asphodel)

The Spannered website is no longer maintained. Download the mix “Let’s get this party slanted” here

2004 2010 downloads mixes

an old set recorded in Brno, 2004

A recording of my set at the Foundation party in Brno, Czech Republic in 2004. In two hectic, messy, high tempo sections. I think a few minutes must have been cut off in the middle as it jumps about 20bpm between the end of the first and the start of the second. Sound quality isn’t brilliant as the decks were feeding back a bit in places. Also the ending is cut off somewhat abruptly.

Here’s the tracklist:

Part 1

Susumu Yokota – ‘Fairy Link’ (Leaf)
Lift Syndrome – ’13’ (Rodz-Konez)
The Advent – ‘The Living’ (Internal)
Caustic Window – ‘Astroblaster’ (Rephlex)
Cybordelics – ‘Adventures Of Dama’ (Harthouse)
Universal Indicator – ‘Green’ (Rephlex)
Like A Tim – ‘Space Punk’ (DJAX)
Universal Indicator – ‘Green’ (Rephlex)
Mescalinum United – ‘We Have Arrived (Aphex Twin TTQ Mix)’ (R&S)
Like A Tim – ‘Dangle’ (DJAX)
Unknown Structure – ‘Repitcher’ (Sapho)
DJ Rush – ‘Smooth Ride’ (Trax)
Drexciya – ‘Digital Tsunami’ (Tresor)
Fast – ‘Exit Wound’ (Reverb)
Autechre – ‘Djarum’ (Warp)
Nick Rapaccioli – ‘Skima’ (Vertical Form)
Drexciya – ‘Aqua Jujidsu’ (Submerge)
Storm – ‘Carbon Fury’ (DJAX)
Richard Bartz – ‘Mad Butcher’ (Disko B)
Gas – ‘Pop’ (Mille Plateaux)
D’Arcangelo – ‘Diagram VII (80’s Mix)’ (Rephlex)

Part 2

The Vision – ‘K-Force’ (Tresor)
Clementine – ‘Breaking Point’ (DJAX)
Bola – ‘Horizophon’ (Skam)
Ed Rush – ‘The Raven’ (FFRR)
The Black Dog – ‘Chesh’ (Warp)
Monolake – ‘Frost’ (Monolake / Imbalance Computer Music)
Ceephax Acid Crew – ‘Seasick Acid’ (Breakin’)
Audiosex – ‘untitled’ (Aural Audio)
Vinyl Countdown – ‘Erasure’ (Edge)
C-Tank – ‘Hardtrance Over Flow’ (Overdrive)
Like A Tim – ‘Wildstyle’ (DJAX)
Andre Holland – ‘Unabomber’ (UR)
Gas – ‘Pop’ (Mille Plateaux)
Caustic Window – ‘The Garden Of Linmiri’ (Rephlex)
The Subjects v. Jeff Mills – ‘Beyond…’ (ULR One)
Caustic Window – ‘Joyrex J4’ (Rephlex)
DJ Funk – ‘Booty Perk U Later’ (Projex)
Bitstream – ‘Speed Of Light’ (Pylon)

Download a zip file containing both parts of the Brno set as mp3 files

2009 downloads mixes

my Plex set

I’ve uploaded what I think is a fairly accurate representation of my set at Plex on Friday.

It’s missing all the skips and jumps that happened every time someone put their feet on the steps by the side of the booth, and is probably mixed better. Not sure if it’s 100% accurate in terms of sequencing but I think it has all the same tracks and is definitely pretty close.

It was a great night and I really enjoyed playing despite the minor technical difficulties.

Here’s the tracklist:

Techno Animal – ‘Bio-Morphium’ (Force Inc. Music Works)
The Omni Incentive – ‘The Omni Incentive – B3’ (Crème Organization)
Mantra – ‘The Second Age – A2’ (Bunker)
The Sun God – ‘Above The Clouds’ (Klang Elektronik)
The Chicago Shags – ‘Poke Inferno’ (Bunker)
The Sun God – ‘Return 2 Saturn’ (Klang Elektronik)
Lloyd Owes Me A Packet – ‘Keep It Up’ (Jelly Jam)
Newworldaquarium – ‘The Games That We Play’ (New Religion)
Pamétex – ‘Bunker 3024 – A’ (Bunker)
DJ ESP – ‘Acid Juice’ (Generator)
S-Max – ‘Mental Purity Equals Love’ (Telegraph)
The Chicago Shags – ‘Streetgang’ (Bunker)
Mantra – ‘The Second Age – B1’ (Bunker)
Frequency – ‘We’re Rolling This Way’ (Lower East Side)
ESP – ‘Idiom’ (Synewave)
Jack Master – ‘Bang The Box’ (Jack)
Fym – ‘Grace (Full Parrot Stylee)’ (Boogizm)
Tobias Schmidt – ‘Drugly Drunk’ (Uglyfunk)
DJ Power Out – ‘Hangover’ (Geometric)
Schizophrenia – ‘My Splendid Idea (With Rude Yoghurt Flange)’ (Mighty Force)
Like A Tim – ‘Troost – A2’ (Like)
Lloyd Owes Me A Packet – ‘The Pounder’ (Jelly Jam)
Mark Broom – ‘Pyrion’ (Pure Plastic)
Legowelt – ‘Slowjam Deeptechno’ (Crème Organization)
Gizz T.V. – ‘Shakar – A1’ (Temple Records N.Y.C.)
Like A Tim – ‘O.K’ (Djax-Up-Beats)
Fumiya Tanaka – ‘Drive # 6 (Edit 2)’ (Tresor)
Black Widow – ‘The Stalk’ (Death)
Cosmic Journey Project – ‘OK’ (no label)
Kre – ‘Friends – B1’ (Numb)
Nukubus – ‘Who Made You’ (Bunker)
Nimoy – ‘Smoking’ (Bunker)
Naughty & Tolis – ‘Lost Point’ (Ferox)
RAC – ‘Hub’ (Warp)
Alden Tyrell – ‘Obsession (More Obsession remix)’ (Clone)

Download the Plex set (mp3, 271Mb)

2008 downloads mixes

Electrodrama set (Riga, 12/2008)

The guys in Riga managed to rescue the recording of the Electrodrama night. Here’s my set for download:


Up Above The World – ‘Trying To Reach You’ (Exist Dance)
Age – ‘Age’ (Force Inc.)
Planetary Assault Systems – ‘Forms’ (Peacefrog)
Robert Hood – ‘Radius’ (M-Plant)
Terrace – ‘Shaking Bassline’ (Djax-Up-Beats)
Nukubus – ‘Roller’ (Bunker)
Luke Slater – ‘Expectation No 3.’ (Peacefrog)
Liquid Sun – ‘Tone Float’ (Bizarre)
Omar-S – ‘Nikademas’ (FXHE)
Terrace – ‘Bassi[n]c’ (Djax-Up-Beats)
Luke Eargoggle – ‘If I Were A King’ (Bunker)
Der Zyklus – ‘Roche Limit (v2)’ (Frustrated Funk)
Susumu Yokota – ‘Amai Niyoi’ (Leaf)
Dez Williams – ‘Patience Of A Saint’ (Blasé)
Legowelt – ‘Pandamonium’ (Crème Organization)
Continuous Mode – ‘Direct Drive (Mode 2)’ (Chain Reaction)
E.R.P. – ‘Vox Automaton’ (Frustrated Funk)
Kenny Larkin – ‘Catatonic (Third State) Carl Craig mix’ (R&S)
Sluts’n’Strings & 909 – ‘Past The Gates’ (Cheap)
Max Duley – ‘Numb’ (ARC(ANE))
Robert Hood – ‘Motion Detector’ (M-Plant)
Peter Benisch – ‘Sabines Song’ (Eevo Lute)
Plastikman – ‘Krakpot’ (NovaMute)
Michaelangelo – ‘Transmission696’ (Labrynth)
Ultradyne – ‘Agony – Be Still’ (Pi Gao Movement)
Oasis – ‘Oasis #7’ (FXHE)
Robert Hood – ‘Externus Oblique’ (M-Plant)
Percy X – ‘Break It Down (Original Master)’ (Soma)
Jürgen Paape – ‘Autechre (TR7AEremix) vs. Jürgen Paape’ (Sub Rosa)
Mike Parker – ‘Inversion 6 (Donato Dozzy Remix)’ (Geophone)
Tommy Gillard – ‘Patterns’ (Continual)
Popol Vuh – ‘Aguirre I (Haswell & Hecker Remix)’ (Editions Mego)
Anakrid – ‘Memories Of Submersion’ (Stereonucleosis)
Composite Profuse – ‘Kommando Amphora’ (Bunker)
Alden Tyrell – ‘Obsession (More Obsession Remix)’ (Clone)
Robert Hood – ‘Sterno-Mastoid’ (M-Plant)
Alex Norinh – ‘Reign Of Control’ (Bunker)
Like A Tim – ‘Freeloaders’ (Like)
Exquisite Corpse – ‘Traditional Ties With Dreaming’ (KK)
Sluts’n’Strings & 909 – ‘Puta’ (Cheap)

Download Electrodrama (mp3, 271Mb)

2008 downloads mixes

Strings Of Lice

Guitar strings, to be precise. A “mix” (the term is used loosely) I did the other night, full of music made with guitars. Death metal, grindcore, neofolk, noise, drone, post-rock, black metal, and other bits. Stuff that really influenced me at the end of the 80s/start of the 90s, and more recent stuff too.


Twilight – ‘Larval Liaise’ (Southern Lord)
Carcass – ‘Swarming Vulgar Mass Of Infected Virulency’ (Earache)
Tetuzi Akiyama – ‘Pre-Existence’ (Bo’Weavil)
Kiruna – ‘Raldo`s Autostrada’ (Plastic Strip)
Josephine Foster – ‘Nähe Des Geliebten’ (Locust)
Obituary – ‘Body Bag’ (Roadracer)
God – ‘Crash Victim’ (Situation Two)
Earth – ‘Coda Maestoso In F (Flat) Minor’ (Southern Lord)
Napalm Death – ‘Evolved As One’ (Earache)
Head Of David – ‘108’ (Blast First)
Earthmonkey – ‘Hydraulic Bugger’ (Beta-lactam Ring)
Godflesh – ‘Mighty Trust Krusher’ (Earache)
Prophecy Of Doom – ‘Prophetic Believers Prepare’ (Deaf)
Death In June – ‘Good Mourning Sun’ (New European Recordings)
Entombed – ‘Left Hand Path / Drowned’ (Earache)
Butthole Surfers – ‘Graveyard’ (Blast First)
Bruce Russell – ‘Nigerian Delta Oil Well Blues’ (Rococo)
James Blackshaw – ‘Stained Glass Window’ (Tompkins Square)

Download Strings Of Lice (mp3, 183Mb)

2008 downloads mixes

Bleep Free

A mix I did for the the Bleep43 podcast a few weeks ago, ahead of the Bleep party I played at (which I completely forgot to mention here!).


As One – ‘We No Longer Understand’ (New Electronica)
Robert Hood – ‘Who Taught You Math (Edit)’ (Peacefrog)
Cristian Vogel – ‘SKX EngineUndercover’ (Tresor)
Omar-S – ‘Track #8’ (FXHE)
Joey Beltram – ‘Ball Park (Steve Bicknell remix)’ (Tresor)
V-Room – ‘V-Shaped’ (Plus 8)
Joe Lewis (actually it’s Jamie Read) – ‘Touch Me’ (Peacefrog)
Shitcluster – ‘Beyond A Joke’ (Bunker)
Apogee – ‘Sunrise On The 2nd Moon’ (Peacefrog)
Bedouin Ascent – ‘Ruthless Compassion’ (Rising High)
The Track Stars – ‘Computer’ (Dance Mania)
Jello – ‘O’verb (Dualite Mix)’ (Peacefrog)
Cristian Vogel – ‘Going The Distance’ (Mille Plateaux)
Bitstream – ‘Muspel’ (Touchin’ Bass)
D.J. Funk #1 – ‘Jerk It’ (Dance Mania)
Tommy Gillard – ‘Rogue Beat Returns’ (Rogue Beat)
Kenny Larkin – ‘Catatonic (Second State)’ (R&S)
The Black Dog – ‘Cost II’ (GPR)
DJ Deeon – ‘Da Bomb’ (Dance Mania)
Grackle – ‘Grackle Trance’ (Strange Life)
Kites – ‘Nice Garden / Lady’s Compact’ (Load)

Download Bleep Free (mp3, 182Mb)

2008 downloads mixes

vanity fare (ARCart retrospective)

This is a mix that happened spontaneously in March or April 2008.

I pulled out all my old releases and this was the result. It was a weird experience – I’d not played many of these for years and even came across tracks I didn’t remember making, let alone releasing. Later that day I realised it was almost exactly 10 years since my first release, so it seemed quite appropriate. I called it part 1 as I have at least enough for a part 2, but it might be another 10 years before I get round to that one.

Max Duley – ‘Divine Confusion’ (ARC(ANE))
Max Duley – ‘Got To Get Down Again’ (ARC(ANE))
Max Duley – ‘Picnic Cut’ (ARC(ANE))
Max Duley – ‘Answers’ (ARC(ANE))
Max Duley – ‘Double Front’ (Meta)
Takaaki Itoh – ‘Step To Makin’ (Max Duley Remix)’ (Electracom)
Max Duley – ‘Click-Clack’ (ARC(ANE))
Max Duley – ‘Enclosed In The’ (ARC)
Max Duley – ‘Start The End’ (ARC(ANE))
Ben Sims – ‘Encounter (Max Duley mix)’ (Theory)
Max Duley – ‘Into Black’ (Rodz-Konez)
Max Duley – ‘Perfect Skin’ (ARC)
Max Duley – ‘Onslaught II’ (ARC)
Max Duley – ‘Sidekick’ (ARC)
Max Duley – ‘untitled’ (Cosmic)
Rob Alcock & Tommy Gillard – ‘Nature (Arcform)’ (Continual)
Max Duley – ‘Stop/Go Ver.2′ (Kne’ Deep)
Max Duley – ‘Circular Heaven Ver.2’ (ARC)
Max Duley – ‘Storyteller’ (ARC(ANE))

Download vanity fare (mp3, 162Mb)

2008 downloads mixes

a tick in the box


Shitcluster – ‘Just Dust’ (Hunger To Create)
Raudive – untitled (We Are)
Cristian Vogel – ‘Rogue PROTOCHI’ (Tresor)
The Mole – ‘I Hear The Tiddings Of The Geese’ (Mutek)
Tommy Gillard – ‘Spell’ (Figment)
Mist – untitled (Cosmic)
The Orb – ‘U.F.Orb (Bandulu remix)’ (Big Life)
Mike Parker & Donato Dozzy – ‘Fullonica Di Stephanus’ (Dozzy)
Bi-Face – ‘Mouthpad’ (Sapho)
D’Arcangelo – ‘5005’ (Rephlex)
Dopplereffekt – ‘Hyperelliptic Surfaces’ (Rephlex)
Speedy J – ‘Perfect Pitch’ (Warp)
Gescom – ‘Key Nell 1’ (Skam)
Like A Tim – ‘Hurt You One More Time’ (Like)
Shitcluster – untitled (SD)
Ashtray Navigations – ‘Loud Canary Tea’ (Freenoise)

Download a tick in the box (mp3, 131Mb)

2007 downloads mixes

how now


Softballetforms – “Jail Of Freedom (Jailitilsli) (Ae mix)” (SSR)
Leyenda – “Stratosphere (War Edit)” (Stuff)
Leo Anibaldi – “Possession” (ACV)
LFO – “Mummy, I’ve Had An Accident…” (Warp)
Earth Leakage Trip – “The Ice Cream Van From Hell” (Rising High)
Random XS – “Hi-Q” (Djax)
Martian 044 – “Prayer Stick” (Red Planet)
Composite Profuse – “FM2” (Bunker)
The Andies – “The Kangaroo Bank Of Mr Hanky Frank” (Stuff)
Brothomstates – “Rktic” (Arcola)
Jollymusic – “Talco Due” (Nature)
Jega – “Inertia” (Matador)

Download the how now mix (mp3, 77.6Mb)