2004 downloads mixes

meandering through recent acquisitions


Cathode – ‘Be Red Or Yellow’ (Expanding)
The Bug – ‘Vertigo’ (FatCat)
Robert Hood – ‘Silent Hill’ (M-Plant)
Portable – ‘No.1’ – (Background)
Scape One – ‘Miasmata’ (SCSI-AV)
Scanone – ‘Tik Tok’ (Blasé)
Squarepusher – ‘The Body Builder’ Dressing Gown mix (Warp)
Jeff Mills – ‘Expanded’ (Axis)
Akufen – ‘Synthaxis 2’ (Source)
µ-Ziq – ‘Phi*1700 (U/V)’ (R&S)
Anders Ilar – ‘Replik’ (Shitkatapult)
Dwarf – ‘Percussion Electrique’ (Accelerate)
Tiefschwarz – ‘Nix’ Luke Solomon’s Reedd mix (Classic)
Wavescape – ‘Track One’ (4th Wave)
Artwork – ‘Round Sound’ (Big Apple)
Makaton – ‘YESman’ (Rodz-Konez)
Continuous Mode – ‘Direct Out Mode 2’ (Chain Reaction)
Robert Hood – ‘Satellite’ (Hardwax)
Submission – ‘Women Beat Their Men’ Cevin’s Peak Hour Dub (Velocity)
Comtron – ‘What We Sell’ (Black Label)
Stefan Robbers – ‘Compound 2’ (Ifach)
Freon – ‘Lektroshock’ (Scandinavia)
DJ Hell – ‘My Definition Of House Music’ (R&S)
Kenny Larkin – ‘Ancient Beats’ (Peacefrog)
Planetary Assault Systems – ‘I Am The Funkster’ (Peacefrog)
The Advent – ‘Mind And Spirit’ (Electrix)
Triple R – ‘Sulipil’ (Disko B)

Download the mix (mp3, 132Mb)

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