2004 downloads mixes

deep cold

Part I


Germ – “Con” (GPR)
Steve Bicknell – “Track 15” (Cosmic Clubtracks)
Autechre – “Draun Quarter” (Warp)
2 Bad Mice – “Ware Mouse” (Moving Shadow)
E-Dancer – “The Human Bond” (KMS)
Daniel Bell – “Superminimal” (Logistic)
Der Zyklus – “Mxyzptlk” (Gigolo)
Like A Tim – “Bells” (DJAX-UP-BEATS)
The Bug – “Gun Disease” (Gun Version) (Rephlex)
Pendle Coven – “Nick’o’Pendle” (Modern Love)
Bitstream – “Floating Point” (Signal)
Twerk – “From Green To Brown” (Mille Plateaux)
RJ Valeo – “Saturday Afternoon” (Type)
Indopepsychics – “5_24” (Progressive Form)
Motor – “4,5” (
Anders Ilar – “Mother” (
Hallucinator – “Black Angel” (Chain Reaction)
Melchior Productions – “Feel Sensual” (Bahia mix) (Perlon)
Mathias Schaffhäuser – “Loom Service Re.” (Geoff White remix) (Edit)
The Other People Place – “Eye Contact” (Warp)
Sequential – “The Mission” (Rising High)
DJ D-Man – “Bang It” (Dance Mania)

Download deep cold part I (mp3, 111Mb)

Part II


Nev – “Ilone Vune Cortex Nex” (GPR)
Gene Farris – “E-World” (Relief Records)
Monolake – “Atomium” (Monolake/Imbalance)
Arovane – “Außen Vor (AMX)” (DIN)
Love Inc. – “Hot Love” (Gas mix) (Force Inc.)
Claro Intelecto – “Contact” (Ai)
Air Liquide – “Sonority Canon” (Sm:)e)
Mike Parker – “Caesura” mix 1 (Geophone)
Nick Wilson – “Ligea” (A3) (Inceptive)
Lat Rat XL – “Lab Rat 5” (Clone)
Basic Bastard – “Space Rider” (Ignitor)
Baby Ford – “Normal” (Helston Flora mix by AFX) (Rephlex)
Denis Rusnak – “Past Four” (Arcola)
Safety Scissors – Delay 05 A (Sutekh mix) (Delay)
Insync vs. Mysteron – “Exit 9” (Peacefrog)
Fumiya Tanaka – “Faze”
Motor – “8” (

Download deep cold part II (mp3, 96.1Mb)

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