2004 downloads mixes

truly madly


Dirty Fan Mail – “By A Thursday” (Trunk)
Marc Et CLaude – “Sex Est Iln Classique” (Sapho)
Like A Tim – “Bald Diving Goggles” (Djax-Up-Beats)
Autechre – “Second Bad Vilbel” (Warp)
DJ Rush – “The Attack” (Trax)
Influx – “Capital Punishment” (Sapho)
Aphex Twin – “Tamphex” (R&S)
Robert Hood – Spirit Levels” (Tresor)
Freddie Fresh – “Slapped By Timmy’s Sounds” (Drop Bass Network)
Boards Of Canada – “Zoetrope” (Warp)
UR – “Nannytown” (Underground Resistance)
Unit Moebius – “?” (KK)
Monotraxx – “Soma” (Sapho)
Aphex Twin – “73-yips” (Warp)
Anthony Manning – “Chromium Nebulae” (Irdial)
X-103 – “Curse Of The Gods” (Axis)
Neil Landstrumm – “Squeeze” (Peacefrog)
Planetary Assault Systems – “Starway Ritual” (Peacefrog)
Bola – “O Chuma” (Skam)
Benga – “Skank” (Big Apple)
Trance Uber Alles – “Ich Schalte (Gaga mix)” (H.O.S.)
Andre Holland – “Unabomber” (Underground Resistance)
Dizzee Rascal – “I Luv U” (XL)
Jake Slazenger – “Marks Made In China” (Warp)
Max Duley – “Dulled” (High Octane)
Anthony Manning – “Chromium Nebulae” (Irdial)
Ventriloquist Snakes – “The Most Sadistic” (Planet Mu)
Dirty Fan Mail – “Dirty Letter In Sex” (Trunk)

Mix interspersed and layered throughout with: Anthony Manning – “Chromium Nebulae” (Irdial)

Download the truly madly mix (mp3, 123Mb)

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