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DJ set at Polarise

Recorded at Polarise, Belgium 19.11.2004


Insync vs Mysteron – “Android Architect” (10th Planet)
Rhythim Is Rhythim – “The Beginning” (Kool Kat)
DJ 3000 – “Drume” (Motech)
Arne Weinberg – “Black Flower” (Keynote)
Exquisite Corpse – “Reassembling Reality” (KK)
Alden Tyrell – “Obsession (More Obsession remix)” (Clone)
Paul Johnson – “Aww Shit” (Relief)
Robert Hood – “I” (M-Plant)
Der Zyklus – “Eigenface (Facial Asymetry)” (Djak-Up-Bitch)
Storm – “Levy-9” – (Djax-Up-Beats)
Mike Parker – “Caesura” mix 1 (Geophone)
Plastikman – “Closer” (NovaMute)
Sutekh – “Wings Over Kansas” (Orthlorng Musork)
Ongaku – “Mihon 3” (Rising High)
Blackmass Plastics – “Datafile 01” (Thorn Industries Records)
Inigo Kennedy – “Jednu Dvanáctku” (Asymmetric)
Cane – “Teknotest” (Arcola)
Random XS – “Aftermath V1.2” (Djax-Up-Beats)
Dr. Fernando – “1-3h(n)” (Music Man)
Cristian Vogel – “Hearing Things Before They Happen (IQ2)” (Magnetic North)
Apparat – “Slomotone” (Bpitch Control)
Oliver Ho – “Chapter 1” (Meta)
Lory D – “Road Hog” (Rephlex)
DJ Judge Dred – “Diatomyc 01” (Diatomyc)
Regis – “Model Friendship” (Downwards)
Björk – [Medúlla] (One Little Indian)
Cristian Vogel – “Tales From The Heart” (Force Inc.)
Dr. Fernando – “Ppsycho” (Diatomyc)
Universal Indicator – “Red” (Rephlex)
Autechre – “Garbage” (Warp)
Joey Beltram – “Drome” (Warp)
Troubleshooter – [EP1] (Modern Love)
Luke Slater – “Mauve Violin” (Peacefrog)
Coil – “The Dreamer Is Still Asleep” (Chalice)

Download the mix (mp3, 138Mb)

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