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Tommy Gillard – “Epiphanies”

In 2001 the Exist label came into existence courtesy of the Exist CD compilation. I seem to remember that at the time a number of ideas existed, both music and non-music related, for how Oliver would continue the label. As far as I’m aware, though, no other physical releases ever appeared, as other projects took over.

One of the projects which never saw the light of day was a piece of music by Tommy Gillard entitled “Epiphanies”. I’m glad, with Tommy’s permission, to now make this piece available as an mp3 file.

“Epiphanies” was actually made up of a number of recordings going back as far as 1995. In Tommy’s own words:

I made it with DAT, CD player, and (I seem to remember) a (detuned) radio! All through my [studio] mixer. I think I added loops from the [Roland] JD-800 [synth] as well. I think I had to make up some sounds and phrases, as well as the recordings, so I could mix between more sources.

Download “Epiphanies” (mp3, 169Mb)

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