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little detroit

A mix for the Little Detroit forum.


Farben – “As Long As There’s Love Around” (Klang Electronic)
Mathias Schaffhäuser – “Desire Re.” {Geoff White Remix} (Edit)
Susumu Yokota – “Potential” (Leaf)
Charles Webster – “I’m Falling” {Electric Frog Remix} (Peacefrog)
Kit Clayton – “(Re) Translation Of Simplicity (Part 6)” (Background)
Patrick Pulsinger – “A Piece Of Me” (Disko B)
Ricardo Villalobos – “Dexter” (Playhouse)
AFX – “Analogue Bubblebath IV” (Rephlex)
Com.munikation – “Moment For Moment” (Red Antenna)
J.Sharp / A.Turner / E.Handley – “Soon” (Reflective)
Cristian Vogel – “Me And My Shadow” (Novamute)
RAC – “Freckle” (Warp)
Stewart Walker – “Restless Life” (Background)
Anthony Rother – “Dead Clocking pt2” (Propaganda)
Various Artists – “8” {Autechre mix} (FatCat)
The Monsters Of Id – “Spatial Lobe” (Signal)
Arovane -“Acval” (DIN)
Oscar Mulero – “Building A Better Hole” (Surface)
Phase – “Obscura” A1 (Inceptive)
Oscar Mulero – “El Hombre Duplicado” (Surface)
Phase – “Obscura” B1 (Inceptive)
Rob Alcock – “Inside The Dream” (Continual)
British Murder Boys – “Don’t Give Way To Fear” (Counterbalance)
Robert Hood – “Learn” (M-Plant)
Phase – “Obscura” B2 (Inceptive)
Oliver Ho – “Awakening The Sentient” (Blueprint)
Underground Resistance – “Beauty Of Decay” (Underground Resistance)
Max Duley – “Ambrosia” (ARC(ANE))
Perception – “G4” {KSR remix} (430 West)
Morganistic – “Soup” (Input Neuron Musique)
Oval – “Indirekt 4” (Mille Plateaux)
Techno Animal – “Freak Fucker” (Pathological)

Download the little detroit mix (mp3, 176Mb)

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