let’s get this party slanted (spannered.org)

I did a mix for spannered.org. It’s sort of ambient-ish in a downlifting, throw-ya-hands-in-the-meatgrinder kind of way.


  • Lustmord – ‘Primordial Atom’ (Soleilmoon)
  • Simon Fisher Turner – ‘Hymn For Thatcher’ (Mute)
  • Brunnen – ‘Tippoo’s Tiger’ (Beta-lactam Ring)
  • Chris Carter – ‘Chakutut’ (Conspiracy International)
  • Autechre – ‘Paralel Suns’ (Warp)
  • Column One – ‘Re-Worked Transmission’ (Stateart)
  • Black Sun Productions – ‘The Skunk’ (Old Europa CafĂ©)
  • Max Waters – ‘Stars And Scribble’ (BlasĂ©)
  • Andrew Liles – ‘Auto Manipulator – 4th Degree (A Lesson To Be Learnt)’ (Lumberton Trading Company)
  • Black Dice – ‘Endless Happiness’ (DFA)
  • The Jackofficers – ‘An Hawaiian Christmas Song’ (Naked Brain)
  • Aerial Service Area – ‘ETI Encoding’ (Fax +49-69/450464)
  • Pemalas – ‘Tones’ (Experimental Seafood)
  • The Silverman – ‘Nature Of Illusion’ (Beta-lactam Ring)
  • Danny Kreutzfeldt – ‘Chasm’ (Databloem)
  • Satori – ‘Paralysis’ (Dogma Chase)
  • Sun Electric – ‘Newambi’ (R&S)
  • James Plotkin, Mick Harris – ‘Collapse’ (Asphodel)

You can download the mp3 or stream the mix from here.

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One comment on “let’s get this party slanted (spannered.org)
  1. Nice….
    Fit’s my mood perfectly…

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