track IDs

A bunch of tracks I’ve been trying to identify…in some cases for more than 20 years…..


deep techno/house track with vocal. Taken from a recording of a Colin Faver Kiss FM show dated June 1991


early 90s deep atmospheric European sounding techno with lush atmospherics and female vocal saying “I wanna be in paradise”


chunky tribal house with rolling ragga style vocals


Identified as Minus The Cod – “Positive Nuisance”


filthy house played by DJ Rush in January 2011


Identified as “Sundog” which has been released under the names of both Juan Atkins and Reel By Real (which is strange as they are different people).

Please leave a comment or get in touch via the contact page if you can help with any of these. Cheers!

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7 comments on “track IDs
  1. Dave Adams says:

    Don’t know what the tracks in the background are I’m afraid but the vocal of ID-11 is this –

    and the synth sequence track running/looped alongside ID-12 is old larry heard –

    Just picked up Meta003 randomly yesterday and absolutely blew me away mate. Will definitely be checking out the rest of your stuff.

  2. David G says:

    ID-06 – cant believe no1 has identified that yet 😀

    stuck in the mind forever 😉

    any joy yet? haha

  3. esquisse22 says:

    Minus The Cod – Positive Nuisance

    • Max says:

      Wow, thanks. Odd that it’s been released on different records under two different artists’ names, Juan Atkins and Reel By Real.

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