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Several years ago I updated a page on the ARCart website announcing that mp3 versions of all the ARC and ARC(ANE) releases would be made available. Some years later I removed that text as I realised I’d still not got round to fulfilling that promise and, like my vague ideas of ever making music again, might never actually get round to it. Well, at least on one of these points I’ve finally managed to make good on my word.Over the coming weeks I’ll be making available digital versions of every ARCart vinyl release. The intention at this stage is to make them available in two formats – 320kbps mp3 files, and FLAC files. Both are compressed from the same WAV files, which were created from the original digital recordings made on Digital Audio Tape and in some cases, CDr. The WAV files will also be available to anyone who really needs them but I won’t be putting them online in the same way. Those will be available on an individual track basis to people who specifically request those tracks from me.

The files will be posted in the order they were originally released. I expect I’ll write a bit about each one as well, giving some background information as well as sharing my opinions on how I feel about them all these years later.

I don’t know if anyone is really that interested at this stage, but it will at least serve the purpose of creating an archive that will sit alongside the bits of vinyl still floating around in various collections, bargain bins and landfill sites. And it will give me something to write about on this ever-sluggish blog.

Oh, and the files will be made available for free at this stage, although that’s for personal use only. Anyone who happens to want to use any of it for commercial reasons should get in touch.

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9 Comments on “ARCart releases in digital format

  1. Brilliant…you are one of my favorite artists.
    Definitely make some more music after you finish encoding the previous releases.
    I’m trying to get back to making music as well.
    Just put my studio back together with duct tape…

  2. Excellent news re: releasing FLAC.

    I just purchased MOLECULAR RECORDINGS Vol. 3 – largely for “Slap”.

    I have no interest whatsoever in vinyl (& I know I’m not alone there) so, yes, I’m sure people are interested.

    God Bless


  3. THANK MAX .




  4. I am about to scour this blog. I desperately need a good digital copy of “Double Front” from “Watch As We Now Drfit”. I have it on wax, but my records are all in storage at the moment, and that tune. That tune is crucial. <3

  5. Hi Shiva, long time no hear.

    I’m afraid that release isn’t published on this site. I’ve only been publishing stuff I released myself on ARC and ARC(ANE).

    That said, I must have the original recordings somewhere, so I’ll get in touch if I ever find them.

  6. Huge huge fan, regularly hammer loads of your stuff, surprised there hasn’t been a Gemini-type surge in interest in ARC. Any chance of Nectar being put up digitally? Heard a dodgy rip somewhere and Answers is one of my favourites of yours, can’t afford the £30 or whatever that people are charging on discogs for the tests.

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