still alive

Believe it or not, I haven’t forgotten about this blog or the series of digital re-releases I started over a year ago.I had intended to issue one release per week over a couple of months, but over a year later I’m less than half way through. To anyone who still happens to be interested, I offer my apologies. I have been incredibly busy, although I confess that I could have found the time to keep it up if I was really determined….which I am not. The series started mainly as I was lacking anything to post about in the first place.

I will complete the series, assuming I don’t die of old age first. In fact I might just get round to doing the next one this month!!!

6 comments on “still alive
  1. Bran Lanen says:

    Great news!!
    But really I would prefer some new vinyl release by you…

  2. Glad to see a sign of life.

  3. djcrs says:

    Thanks so much! Glad to see you back. I am so excited to collect these excellent tracks in digital, and with great notes!

  4. ONE says:

    Don’t apologise, I like the rate at which these have come out.

    Steady as she goes.

  5. Dialect says:

    Hey Max !

    what about some new tracks, is there anything going on? will be?

    respecting you for more than a decade!

    CHEERS TO YOU, glad u are who u are!

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