I recently helped out a friend (Helena Domenech) with an art project called “Restraint”. It involved having her torso restricted by a plaster of paris “garment” that we had to create by wrapping her up in wet plaster, and then walking around town. My function was to capture images of her and those observing her. It was a very hard day for both of us. Me, because I was carrying my camera, camera bag, another bag of my own stuff and a bag of her stuff. Her, because her body and arms were prevented from moving freely for several hours.


The reactions of people were interesting, especially as from a distance the plaster clothing could be mistaken for normal clothes, and it was only when they got closer or noticed the streaks of plaster that had run down and dried on her forearms that they realised something was a bit odd. We went to Tate Modern to take some shots, and then made an unsuccessful attempt to have people sign her cast on Millennium Bridge. Unsuccessful because the felt tip pens we had wouldn’t write on the not-fully-dry plaster.


We picked up some permanent markers on the way to Leicester Square, where she was much more successful at getting some tourists (the ones she convinced weren’t being asked for money!) to scrawl a message.

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