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A recent conversation prompted me to put some old ARCart reaction sheets online.These were included with records I gifted to DJs and the like, prior to the records being released.

As is hopefully obvious, they were meant to be taken as a joke. It was standard procedure for labels and agencies to include reaction sheets with vinyl promos, with mundane market research type questions on them. Maybe it still is, I have no idea how these things work any more…and maybe there was a good reason for asking the exact same questions about every record they sent out, as if it might somehow have improved the quality of the music the artist or label put out next time (haha!).

Personally I’ve always hated the language of promotion, advertising etc. and hated it even more when used to sell the sort of music I was into, which I perhaps mistakenly believed ought to be transmitted with humility and without hyperbole. I always preferred not to see the info sheets that Prime Distribution put out with the pre-sale copies of ARCart releases they’d send out to shops and international distributors. The records I sent out myself included nothing more than these reaction sheets and another sheet with the tracklist and some artwork.

Believe it or not, although I never expected it, I did actually get a few faxed back…mostly completed in the spirit in which they were intended, although in one particular case the threat in the opening paragraph seemed to have been taken seriously, and the sender requested that they continue to receive future releases!

Unfortunately I don’t have copies of all of them. I can’t even remember what some of the others are like. If anyone out there reads this and happens to have a copy of any of the missing examples, please scan them and send them to me!

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