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A few weeks ago a friend of mine who is studying fashion textiles at University in London asked me to come along to a photo shoot she was going to be working on for a fellow student.I have no knowledge of (or interest in) fashion at all. I do however have an interest in some fashion photography, especially since I became aware of the amazing dream-like work of Sarah Moon, some of which you can see here and here.

On the day it turned out that I had little to do. The uni had lots of hi-tech photographic equipment, which the main photographer the ladies had recruited was using. I’d never actually been in a photographic studio before, so it was interesting on that level at least. Some part of that equipment had sensors which caused the main lights to flash every time I took a photograph with my own flash attached, which meant that it was almost impossible for me to get a decent exposure. So I had to remove my flash unit and improvise. I also had to keep out of the way most of the time, and not shoot when the main photographer was shooting. I ended up taking only a few of the model and more of the shoot itself.

This is my favourite of the lot:


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