Bleep43, June 2009 – photos

Last Friday Bleep43 hosted their latest party at Corsica Studios in Elephant & Castle, London. As happened at the past couple of their parties, which I always attend anyway, I was there taking photographs.Alongside the excellent Bleep43 artists, headlining guests were Donato Dozzy, an Italian techno producer and DJ who has worked with Mike Parker, and the legendary Detroit house/techno producer and DJ Omar-S of FXHE Records. The main room at Corsica was given over to them completely, with Donato performing a superb 4 hour set that built up from ambient drones and washes to a hypnotic minimal techno selection that had the crowd totally locked in. Omar-S then took over and played for the latter 4 hours of the party, playing several of his rough and ready FXHE releases as well as a varied selection of crazy house and techno of all breeds and ages.

On this occasion, Bleep made the venue very dark with plenty of smoke machine action. This wasn’t so great for photography, although it’s my preferred atmosphere for the techno clubbing experience. Nevertheless, aside from the DJ shots – which are kind of similar to all the others I’ve taken there because they are always restricted to the same point of view and not very photographer-friendly lighting – I’m really pleased with the results. Many of the final images are extremely abstract, with indistinct glimpses of human features, confusing trailing images etc. These (in my opinion) give a fairly representative view of the deep and dark end of the techno clubbing experience:

Bleep43 - 1

Bleep43 - 2

Bleep43 - 3

This shot is my favourite of the bunch. I really don’t know what is going on here, but it reminds me of some kind of David Lynch inspired nightmare:

Bleep43 - 4

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