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Fashions, and that

A few weeks ago a friend of mine who is studying fashion textiles at University in London asked me to come along to a photo shoot she was going to be working on for a fellow student.I have no knowledge

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Bleep43, June 2009 – photos

Last Friday Bleep43 hosted their latest party at Corsica Studios in Elephant & Castle, London. As happened at the past couple of their parties, which I always attend anyway, I was there taking photographs.Alongside the excellent Bleep43 artists, headlining guests

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a couple of Nadler photos published

Two of the photos I took at the Marissa Nadler gig have been published as part of a review on an Italian website.The Ver Sacrum site is the online incarnation of a fanzine which has been in existence since the

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animal skin

Well, not really. But some photos of a friend wearing leopard skin tights: see the full gallery here

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Marissa Nadler gig

A few days ago Marissa Nadler performed at The Luminaire in London. She’s an American singer/songwriter of ethereal folk-ish sounding music, mostly acoustic but using occasional electronics in the form of the reverb ever present on her dreamy voice. I

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some hawks, a swan, and other friends

I recently accompanied a friend to a bird of prey centre where he spent an afternoon hawking: see the full gallery here In the Norfolk Broads during a recent stag weekend, a swan swam close by. It was late into

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new photos

It has been a while since I posted on here. I keep forgetting to post updates. There are a lot of new photos that I’ve put up in the meantime: Bleep43 party, February 2009 An excellent party, with DJ Stingray

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London Calling Photographers

Last night I attended a meeting of a recently formed group called “London Calling Photographers”. Two days ago I’d never heard of them, but the meeting was announced on Spyblog and the subject matter, “Know your rights: Facing the police

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On the evening of Sunday 1st February 2009 it started to snow in London. This is a rare occurrence. Rarer still is heavy snowfall, and even rarer is heavy snowfall that settles and doesn’t immediately turn into mush.I’d been holed

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Bleep43: Surgeon, DJ Pete, Scorn & more

I took a load of photos at the Bleep43 party last Friday. Surgeon and DJ Pete played for the entire night except for one hour in which they handed over to Scorn. Scorn is Mick Harris, whom I first saw

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